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  • Veena Scialo


Named after the ancient culture of the Scythians I feel honoured to take part in this international mini textile biennial exhibition in the Ukraine. To find out more about Scythia please visit

My piece "Incandescent" was a product of a spontaneous inspiration to create a brain-like sculpture using recycled nylon tights filled with the lint from the tumble dryer.

To illustrate my visual thinking through textile media I used vibrant coloured silk chiffons, a material which is extremely light yet, strong, bright yet translucent.

The primary colours which we all use in our inkjet printers, magenta, cyan and yellow with the addition of black, allow us to print any colours. In the same way our brain can recognise a vast range of colours by the blending of different frequencies of light which is reflected from the world around us back through our eyes.

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