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"A painting is like a window into a new world,

a mural can remove walls all together..."


As a perfect solution for any blank wall – large or small – murals have the capacity to brighten and transform your space with your favourite scene into which you can delve whenever you please.


All the the art in this section contains commissioned large-scale murals or paintings. I work closely with my husband, who is an interior decorator, in the creation of these projects. Any theme can be used as a starting point. The process includes consultations, a small-scale rendition of the artwork in the surrounding space, wall preparation/restoration and – of course – the final art.


This dining room is an example of how space can be brightened, and the size of the room made to appear much bigger than it really is. Creating the illusion of a particular view is a very popular mural idea as it allows one to immerse themselves in another world and climate. Archways, brickwork, or columns can make a simple room look palatial.


These murals, which cover the walls of a children's room in London, have been painted by hand with high-quality, fine-art watercolours, allowing for a soft and natural look. All artwork is protected with a non-yellowing varnish.


This Idyll, a large oil painting, was commissioned by a couple in London for their parents in Brazil.


These two fresco-like paintings are enhancing the entrance porch of a Victorian property in London

If you would like to expand your walls and introduce views, contact me for a free, no-obligation consultation and quote. Most of the photos on this page are courtesy of Alex Wynter.

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